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This is so gratifying! Thanks to every one who has been involved, this is far from a solo effort. You can get a digital version of the Strings story. Also read more about the project on The Redwood Violin Website

Earlier Press

The project also received local press attention at an earlier stage. Our local paper, The Santa Rosa Press Democrat, covered the Redwood Violin Project in a generous three page spread in the Sunday paper. The reporter Diane Peterson is also a violinist so she took a particular interest and went into the story in depth. Photographer John Burgess is also a woodworker and his interest in the subject shows in his pictures.

Journalism and storytelling are a glue that holds society together, and we are fortunate in Sonoma County to have several functioning, if struggling, newspapers.

Bringing the story of the Redwood Violin to the community is a bigger part of the project than actually making the violin, both in terms of the amount of work involved and in terms of the project goals. If nobody knows about the violin, it is not a community project.

The Press Democrat story did a lot to promote the project. We received more sign ups for the Redwood Violin’s Newsletter, YouTube Channel and Facebook Page. There were several inquiries from musicians, a composer and a local orchestra interested in participating in the next “Played Local” phase of the project. All of which was hugely encouraging.