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I’m taking a working vacation, spending a couple of weeks with Mark Moreland in Battle Ground, WA. Along the way, I’ve been dropping into some of the violin shops to visit old friends and make new acquaintances. Most of these violin makers I’ve met at makers conferences but have never visited their shops.

David Gussett, Violin Maker, Eugene, OR

David is one of the worlds formost violin makers, amongst other things he was the first American to win the prestigious Triennale violin making competition in Cremona, Italy.

It was good to catch up with Carl Applebaum after about ten years. His stories of his adventures doing much needed violin repair work in Cuba with Luthiers sans Frontieres reminded me of my ambition to try the same thing.  He told me to hurry because Cuba is changing fast.  Carl is also an enthusiastic and experienced sailor, but unfortunately I had to turn down his offer to go sailing on the Sound… time Carl.
Carl trying one of my Workshop fiddles with very favorable impression. Ask him to show you one!

Rafael Carrabba Violins, Seattle, WA

Rafael’s is one of the major violin shops on the west coast offering a full range of instruments since 1985.

Rafael has a reputation for tonal adjustments and on this Saturday he was in demand.
How to tell how busy a shop has been: The corner of every set of floor tiles has been used to anchor the endpins of visiting cellists
This really tickled me; a cello soundpost adjuster made from an antique soup ladle with a pro-size grip

A fine, well used and patina-ed, knife handle belonging to violin maker and restorer Kurt Jones