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Half of my yard is shaded by a pair of large trees, a California black walnut and a California oak. The lowest branches meet about 35 feet above the ground forming a sort of cathedral vault. I wanted to do something to point up this space and decided on a giant mobile using a collection of reject cello plates.  The cello mobile was my companion in the yard for a few months, the cellos roaming under the trees reminded me of fish in an aquarium, always in motion.  Sometimes while working in the yard, a cello top would bump into me from behind like an affectionate pet. When I added solar powered garden lights to the mobile the show continued after dark.


We used an arrow to string a line over a tree limb. The oak apple tip gave the arrow the weight to pull the line back down again

Cello-mobile Cello-mobile2

The mobile is now gone but I still use the string for hanging instruments in the sun for drying varnish.