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I have received a lot of concerned inquiries about how I fared during the terrible fires in Santa Rosa.  I have been very fortunate: my immediate family myself, and my house and workshop have come through unscathed.  It happens that I am in Mexico at the beginning of a five week trip to work with another violinmaker, maestro Ernesto Ramirez.  While I’m feeling a certain amount of guilt from being here while my town burns, I realize that there is not so much I could do at home to help at this point (most people I talk to at home are spending their time watching the weather, trying to get current information and just waiting). So I have decided to stay here in Mexico for the moment, but will cut my trip short at any time as seems appropriate.  Meanwhile, the upside of my being out of town is that I have been able to make my home available to some friends who, tragically, lost theirs in the fire.

As I say, I have heard from many friends from all over, and it has been very comforting to receive your concern.  Someone said that they looked on my website for information  and I wish that I had thought posting here earlier.  Don’t let this keep you from contacting me if you feel like it, the good wishes of others are a huge psychological support. Thank you all!

Tepoztlan, Morales

October 13th, 2017