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This has been my favorite tool discovery of the year, I ordered on a whim and found my self using them a lot. Corradi Rasps are very nicely made, quite straight, with consistent curves. The teeth are set to give a random scratch pattern, they are very sharp and aggressive so you can get away with a finer cut than you might think.  The handles are very nice to have, particularly for the large cabinet rasp for more oomph, and  and the needle rasp for more control.

In order of usefulness I recommend:

  • Cabinet 10″ – cut 10  Use for rough shaping scroll outlines, necks and cello corner blocks.
  • Half round Needle Rasp – 160 mm – cut 2  I ground the teeth off of the flat side and use it to shape the throat under the scroll. Be sure and get the wooden handle that goes with this, you can use it with your other needle files too.
  • Half round 6″ – cut 10 As with the cabinet rasp, the flat side rises slightly at the tip.  Very nice for edge shaping
  • corradi-rasps