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Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about trying and purchasing an instrument.

How much are your instruments?
Prices go up annually, please contact me for the latest.
Do you have a waiting list?
Sometimes there’s a waiting list, and sometimes I have several examples of what you are interested in on hand. This can change quite quickly so please contact me.  Generally I can fill a special order within six months.
How can I try an instrument to see if I like it?
Here are three options:

  • Contact me to see if I know any one in  your area that has one
  • Come and visit my workshop, make a trip of it , Sonoma County is a major tourist destination
  • Have me ship one to you to try. I ship nationwide and you can try it in familiar settings for 1 – 2 weeks.
Can I make payments?
Yes you can, ask me how!
How much does it cost to have an instrument shipped to me?
Potentially zero dollars! I will pay for shipping an instrument to you, if you decide that it doesn’t suit you,  you pay for the return shipping.   As a guide, in 2016 costs about $160 for a cello or about $60 for a violin shipped coast to coast. To ship a violin from here to New Mexico is about $20.
How do you ship an instrument?
The instrument is placed in a regular case with some extra padding inside, the case goes into a large cardboard box with “peanuts” or similar packing material. I normally ship via FedEx  but can use other carriers.
Are your instruments warranted?
Yes, of course!  All instruments are fully warranted against defects in materials and workmanship.