Carving a shop sign

June 10, 2020

For some years I’ve dabbled in the graphic arts, designing business cards, web headers, even tee shirts and stickers. I’ve […]

A study of violin aesthetics This is another project that approaches violin making from a slightly different angle in hope […]

My father was a sculptor  who worked in everything from marble and bronze to sintered sand  and telegraph poles. in […]

Luthierie in the time of Covid With the arrival of Corona Virus I realized that business would be slow for […]

My introduction to Luthierie The first instrument I made was a steel string guitar.  I’d seen someone in my Industrial […]

Guitars and fiddles have a lot of similarities and some major differences.  Comparing the two is an interesting exercise which sheds some light on how each instrument works. Stringed instrument building is essentially concerned with two things:

Talking with Master Fiddler Brandon Godman some months ago, he asked me if I’d ever made a five string fiddle. I never had but I was intrigued. There are five string cellos and five string…..

I was honored to have the local paper come by and do a feature on me and my work.  I […]

I’m very much looking forward to participating in the Metzler violin shop’s Third Annual Violin Makers Show and Sale. in […]

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