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A year ago I relocated Carruthers Violins to Hewett Street, Santa Rosa.


The lull before the storm. The shop was to go in the two car garage which was pretty ragged looking but sound, dry and had a solid, if uneven, concrete slab floor. The previous occupants used the garage as part of a pot growing operation so it also featured a very generous electrical supply. Working for three intense weeks with my friend Serafim Reis from Quakesmart Construction, we demolished, quake-proofed, partitioned and insulated, sheet rocked, painted, leveled and smoothed the floors, and wired in lighting.

Violin shop




Three hectic weeks on and ready to move in.


I’ve schlepped my tone wood collection more times than I care to remember, If the next time it moves is when my kids are cleaning out my estate, that will be fine with me


The last load from the old Slater Street location, the shop ukarone rides top-side.


The only way to make sure we got most of the loose ends tied up in a timely fashion was to throw an opening party (invitation by Diabla Design).


….and open again for business.


On year on. The new shop has been great, it’s smaller than the last one and it was liberating to be forced to deal with surplus junk. (click image for a closer view)