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Willow Guadagnini

Year: 2024

Back: Red Willow
Top: Italian Spruce,
Neck: Baltic Maple


Antiqued oil varnish


Body length: 713
Bouts: 345, 238, 415
Ribs Including edges:  115 at top block,   113 at lower block
String length: 673
Stop: 390


The Guadagnini model is a smaller cello, it could be labaled a 7/8 size.  It has been very popular with players who dont want to work so hard.  The cellos have a particular pure  and foccused sound in the upper registers.  More about my smaller cellos:  Why Size Matters

The antique finish on this instrument has no deliberate scratches or craqueleur, ony “Wear” and “patina” and a healthy dose of tool marks.   I set out to make a very normal looking instrument but when it came to the head and scroll a regular one seemed rather bland so I used one of my Off-Beat designs