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Strad Model Cello in Maple

Year: 2018

Back: European Maple
Top: European Spruce


Antiqued oil varnish


Body length: 761
Bouts: 338, 232, 435
Ribs: 115.5 – 113
String length: 698


This instrument was built with robustness and brilliance in mind, hence the choice of the Strad Form-B model with a classic maple back. The sound is direct, clear and focused, yet it is not shrill in the upper registers.

I had fun with the finish of this cello. The varnish uses a lighter palette of gold through orange honey-tones. Though appearance gives the impression of less age and wear than I often do, the antiquing process took just as long to achieve a rich and engaging texture. I chose to leave more tool marks than Strad would have approved of because they add texture and dynamism to the appearance. The top wood has a lot of “Hazelflecht” or “Bear Claw”, which adds a lot to the lively appearance.