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Ruggieri Model Cello. “Great Fire of London”

Year: 2016

Back: Aspen
Top: Italian Spruce
Neck: Maple


Heavily pigmented oil varnish


Body length: 735
Bouts: 358, 240, 438
String length: 691
Stop: 399


This time I let lose with heavy tool marks and a thick, deeply colored varnish to bring texture to completely un-figured wood. I also made this one with nice high archings which I think increases the sculptural effect.

According to my bookkeeping system, this cello is numbered 1666, so I’m calling it the “Great Fire of London” after the event that occurred in that year. I think that the red varnish fits with the theme and I fancy that in the worn shoulder area on the back I can see flames flaring in the night sky as ash flies about…