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Ruggieri Cello in poplar

Year: 2014

Back: Domestic poplar
Top: Italian spruce
unfigured maple neck


Antiqued oil varnish


Body length: 734
Bouts: 335, 241, 438
Ribs: 117, 118
String length: 693


A Ruggieri model cello in domestic Lombardy poplar. The classic makers used poplar for less expensive instruments, the work tended to be faster and more spontaneous. Somehow the tool marks and looser lines seem to blend perfectly with more random patterning of the wood. Lombardy poplar is a very tough but light and soft wood, it dents easily becoming deliciously textured over time. One of the most striking things about Lombardy poplar instruments is their light weight in the hand. This cello feels a lot like the poplar original by Ruggieri.

This cello took the Silver medal for cello tone at the 2014 VSA international violinmaking competition. Players commended it on its strong presence, easy response and tonal color.