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Dimpled Viola 2020


Back: Aspen
Top: Italian Spruce
Neck: Maple


Antiqued oil varnish


Body length: 412 mm (16.25“)
Bouts: 196, 143, 242 mm
Ribs: 36 at top block, 36 at lower
String length: 374 mm
Stop: 223 mm


This Andrea Guarnieri model viola,  is a bit of a departure from normal. It was kind of a meditation piece, I was interested in decoration in instruments, how it works and why some forms are acceptable while others are not.  Theres a blog post with further musings and more pictures.  The decorative theme here is the tool work that goes into making an instrument, and the varnish antiquing process.

This is a fully functioning instrument and among the better sounding violas that I’ve made.