The Tabolin was strung up and played with different configurations of weights on the velum panels. Results With no weights […]

When I presented the first two unusual fiddles on social media people naturally wanted to know how they sound.  Here […]

 Longtime violin-maker Andrew Carruthers has struck on an idea: that perhaps new violins can be inspired by something other than old violins.
Not that the San Francisco Bay-area luthier has any problem with old violins — he’s studied the great masters and reveres their work. In fact, he’s made hundreds of stringed instruments based on Guarneri del Gesùs, Stradivaris, Montaganas and more.
But these days he also has been looking to nature, geometry, architecture for inspiration in his instrument-making.

That was a surprise and an honor, I wasn’t holding much hope for my chances at the Art Of Sound, International Violin Making Competition

Y0-Yo Ma didn’t bring a cello along. He wasn’t intending to perform when he came in to see the place with Joan and Sandy Weill, whose $12 million donation last March allowed the center’s creators to move the project closer to completion.