This is so gratifying! Thanks to every one who has been involved, this is far from a solo effort. You […]

 Longtime violin-maker Andrew Carruthers has struck on an idea: that perhaps new violins can be inspired by something other than old violins.
Not that the San Francisco Bay-area luthier has any problem with old violins — he’s studied the great masters and reveres their work. In fact, he’s made hundreds of stringed instruments based on Guarneri del Gesùs, Stradivaris, Montaganas and more.
But these days he also has been looking to nature, geometry, architecture for inspiration in his instrument-making.

The Flipper

June 16, 2020

Here’s a short video In which I reveal some of the lesser known secrets of The Old Master

I was honored to have the local paper come by and do a feature on me and my work.  I […]

Here’s a little piece about  plate carving that I wrote for Strings Magazine. Luthier Andrew Carruthers on the Heart & […]

Cello Making, Sight and Sound

September 16, 2016

Video sketches of a work in progress by composer, sound sculptor, Hugh Livingston. This is NOT your usual take on violin making.

I met Greg Olwell, a senior editor at Strings Magazine,  at the 2014 Violin Society of America convention Indianapolis. He […]