I was lucky enough to hear my week old Strad model cello played at the world premier of  a Song […]

Congratulations to Jung-Hsuan Ko who won the Assistant Principal seat at the Indianapolis symphony, just a couple of weeks after getting her new cello!

Santa Clara University Mission Church, 5/21/17 Paul plays his 2002 Carruthers cello. It’s a Ruggieri model in maple. Bravo Paul!

Last Saturday, night I attended the viola and cello demonstrations  at the Contemporary American Violin Makers Exhibition, put on by […]

Tononi Model Cello

January 21, 2016

My copy of a poplar Tononi that was in the shop for restoration. I liked the bold edge work and lashings of delicious red Venetian varnish on this cello. The model is similar in dimensions to the Ruggieri that I usually make. In common with my other poplar cellos, this cello is very responsive.

The latest Guad model cello Poplar back, 50 year old spruce top. Royal red oil varnish Back 714 mm Bouts: […]

Here comes the latest Guadagnini model, cello! With a body length of 710 mm and a string length of only 669 mm it is the quintessential small cello. These cellos are ideal for players with small hands or those who no longer want to work so hard getting around their instrument.