Personal model viola in aspen

Year: 2017

Back:  Aspen
Top: Italian Spruce
Neck: Maple

Finish: Antiqued oil varnish

Dimensions (mm):
Body length: 410 (16 1/8″)
Bouts: 200, 131, 240
String length: 375
Stop: 222

Notes:  This was built on my ARC III pattern.  I was looking for a thicker sound and I modified the f-holes so as to shorten and widen the platform between them. A consequence of shortening the f-holes twas that I had to move the ffs up the body in order not to lengthen the string too much.  I made the arching more sculpted with a broader recurve in the C-bouts.  The finished instrument does have a broader tone but still with a good core and focus.  I cant say for sure that the modified ffs alone are responsible for this,  as ever there are too many variables to isolate a single one as causal.  For instance, the top was made from some left-over cello wood and has  a very broad grain pattern which I like the look of and no doubt contributes to tone.