• F-hole

  • Andrew Carruthers Violin maker

    Andrew Carruthers Violin maker
  • violin Lining trim

    violin Lining trim
  • Violin Corner

    Violin Corner
  • Cello Bridge Carve

    Cello Bridge Carve
  • Bass bar shaving

    Bass bar shaving
  • post setting

    post setting
  • Bass bar clamp

    Bass bar clamp
  • Gragniani violin button

    Gragniani violin button
  • Guadagnini cello scroll

    Guadagnini cello scroll
  • Violin neck removal

    Violin neck removal
  • Francios Pique

    Francios Pique
  • Cello bridge shadow

    Cello bridge shadow
  • Violin rosin

    Violin rosin
  • Violin button crown

    Violin button crown
  • Violin corner purfling

    Violin corner purfling
  • Violin restoration tools

    Violin restoration tools
  • violin purfling

    violin purfling
  • Carruthers-violin-100-center-back

    Guarnieri Del Gesu model violin 2015

    Kochanski Del Gesu Model Violin Dimensions (mm): Body length: 349 Bouts: 163, 110, 202

  • Carruthers-Rugieri-cell0-C1559-Chin

    Ruggieri cello- poplar back

      Poplar backed Ruggieri cello Dimensions (mm): Body length: 734 Bouts: 335, 241, 438 Ribs: 117, 118 String length: 693

  • Guadagnini-cello-scroll

    Guadagnini cello

    A rendering of a Gadagnini,  my favorite model small cello, in spectacular Aspen. Compare the compact size of this cello with that of a “standard” Forma B Strad  in the last photo, now just imagine how easy your first position stretches would be on this lovely instrument. Dimensions (mm): Body length: 710 Bouts: 342, 237, 420 Ribs: […]

  • Ruggieri model in poplar

    Ruggieri Cello in poplar

    A Ruggieri model cello in domestic Lombardy poplar.  The classic makers used poplar for less expensive instruments,  the work tended to be faster and more spontaneous. Somehow the tool marks and looser lines seem to blend perfectly with more random patterning of the wood.  Lombardy poplar is a very tough but light and soft wood, […]

  • Carruthers Del Gesu model violin 2013, Back

    Guarneri Del Gesu Model

    This violin is  loosely based on the Guarnieri Del Gesu’s “Kochanski” of 1741.  This has been a favorite of mine for a long time, the outline is relaxed but compact, the corners have the feeling of having been pinched and pulled outwards from the body, the ff’s are some of the most harmonious by Del […]

  • Guadagnini-model-cello-thumb

    Guadagnini model cello

    This version of a Guad is made in poplar. With this smaller bodied celloI find that there is some small drop off in the breadth of the C-string, but this is amply repaid by a more pulled-together, focused quality to the tone which projects well while still being warm and colorful. If you find that […]

  • Carruthers-Ruggieri-cello-2011_00

    Maple Ruggieri Model Cello

  • Goffriller cello 2010  -001

    Goffriller model cello

    I wanted to try an instrument with a large body to  get as much as possible out of the lower registers. This Goffriller appealed to me because of the drop shoulders and smaller upper bouts making the large body more manageable. Dimensions: Body length: 730 mm (28 3/4″) Bouts: 362, 254, 449 mm String length: […]

  • The traditional spirit varnish is lightly antiqued to give the instrument a more comfortable look

    Titian Strad model

    The “Titian ” is a compact bodied Strad model violin, very open and responsive. Dimensions (mm): Body length: 349 (13 3/4″) Bouts: 165, 109, 202 Stop 193 String length: 328

  • v592011-11

    ex-Kochanski Guarneri del Gesu

    I’ve always liked the look of Aaran Rosan’s violin the ex-Kochanski Guarneri del Gesu from 1741.  For me the appearance of the f holes is particularly dynamic and human. Like all del Gesus this violin is a very manageable size.

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